For this task you need to recreate this page with the exception of this text  box.
1) create a new WebDwarf page. (File>New Project)
2) rename it from "index" to "test-1" Now save it to your main Web Dwarf folder and also name it test-1
3) On this page (this very one) right click on the concrete background and select "View background image" It should open in a new browser window. Right click on that image and select "save as". Pay attention to where  you're saving.
4) back in your test-1 document use the background tool to select this image as your background by selecting "image " and navigating to the concrete pic.
5) On this page, right click on the moving meters and select "save image as" You will then use your image tool in WebDwarf to insert this into your test-1 document.
6) use the title tool to create the "Test Page by" text.
Now publish your test-1 document.
7) On this very page, copy the URL from the browser bar. It should look like this
8) open your WebDwarf index document. Using the text tool create this text "Test 1 link" now  highlight the word "link" and use the insert command>insert link (URL) to paste in the URL you copied. In the link editor under "link type" make sure to select HTTP. Also delete the http://
bit at the begining of of your pasted link. 
At the end of the address, change EGLER to your remote folder name. And if you've named your test-1 document correctly you shouldn't have to change it's name. You can double check your remote folder name by going to your index page and checking the URL. Remember, everything in web design is about EXACT spelling and syntax.
Ultimately, your link should look like this when you mouse over it,

9) Now use the text tool on your test-1 page to create a link back to your index page. It should look like the link above except it will end with "index.html"
10) publish your test-1 document.

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